Who We Are

Our Mission

The 50/50 Group is a non-partisan organisation, advocating and campaigning for an increased political participation and equal representation of women in decision-making processes and initiatives at all levels in Sierra Leone.

Our Vision

Equal representation and participation of women and men in public life in Sierra Leone’s political life and in governance processes at all levels.

The 50/50 Group specifically envisages the following:

  1. A female president
  2. 50% representation of women in Parliament, Local Government and decision-making positions at all levels.
  3. The existence of a coalition of women that forms a critical mass of capable women who serve as a resource in the country and provide support to other women aspiring for leadership positions.
  4. The 50/50 Group mainly works through its members and targets organized groups such as networks of women NGOs, media organisations, community-based women’s groups, traditional and religious leaders, and local government structures at the community level.