What We Do

This section highlights some of the main activities implemented over the past 10 years. The 50/50 Group has harnessed its areas of core competence: its ‘Breaking Barriers’ training programme that targets organized groups of women, local councilors, traditional and religious leaders. The 50/50 Group creates awareness about women’s rights and the negative impact of some traditional and cultural practices. It trains and works with the media to influence public perceptions about cultural and traditional practices that subordinate women. Such trainings have promoted support for women’s participation, and increased women’s confidence and capacity to effectively engage in political and governance processes. These leadership trainings have led to more women contesting and winning elections. The Group also implements post training of successful candidates.
Other training workshops relate to Good Governance, Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Peace Consolidation, Parliamentary Strengthening, Advocacy and Elections. However, our work around the governance theme has dominated our programmes with the overall goal of enhancing women’s participation and rep- resentation in governance and public service.