Institutional Development of the 50/50 Group


During the period – Nov.2009 – Dec 2010, the organisations objective was to consolidate 50/50 achievements as a stronger gender, policy and training organisation. This was similar to other functional areas in terms of how the organisation continues with existing initiatives while exploring other new opportunities for institutional strengthening.


Staff Renewal and Development

All staff continued to be encouraged to actively participate in all activities of the organisation including staff meetings and programme activities. Staffs were constantly briefed upon processes being embark upon to secure funding and other emerging programmes especially in relation to coalition building and WSSG activities and networking.

Some executive members of the organisation provided technical support to programme activities including training and facilitation. Some executive members were also co-opted to serve as board members and chair persons to some reputable national and international organisations including the Independence celebrations Committee and CIVITAN – South Africa.

In another development, some donors and partner organisations provided staff capacity trainings for which some staff including executive members benefited.


Proposal for Funding

Development of proposals and seeking relevant donors for funding is a critical resource for institutional development and sustainability. The organisation continued to seek funding from its traditional donors as well as new ones to support its expanding programmes and newly introduced themes. The group also collaborated with other women’s partner organisation to submit joint proposals for support o women’s rights, political empowerment and gender work. The organisation also provided technical support and advice in endorsement of proposals from other women’s organisation that sought its assistance.



An important indicator for the effectiveness of the 50/50 group has been its recognition and acceptance in mainstream circles about the organisation as a critical voice in civil society, women’s rights movement, and participation in governance, politics and public life. Specifically, critical actors, policy makers and NGOs are either referred to the 50/50 group or the group is called upon to share its perspective on democracy, governance, women’s participation and gender equality. Notable among these during the period includes:

  • Participation as member of the Labour Party Policy Review Committee in the UK.
  • Meeting with British Members of Parliament on enhancing the continued support for women and girls as a policy document
  • Sharing perspectives with Canadian interns on women’s empowerment frame work for social inclusion
  • Meeting with National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (USAID) and International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) on perspectives on women’s equal access to the electoral systems including nomination and award of party symbols to female candidates.


Staff Training

Members of staff had the opportunity of enhancing their learning and improving upon their skills through their participation in relevant training programmes, workshops and conferences. In addition to the programmes organised by the 50/50 group, staff and some executive members participated in the under listed programmes

  • The group represented by the president joined the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Coordinating Secretariat in a two days policy review processes on governance and sustainability mechanism held at the Njala Venue, Aberdeen, Freetown.
  • The president supported by the UNDP through the Government of Sierra Leone Open Government Initiative (OGI) joined the government in a four days conference in USA on sensitizing Sierra Leoneans on the Government Agenda for Change Project. This project is meant to inculcate into the wider Sierra Leonean community in the USA about the status of achievement so far and what further we intend to do as a nation.
  • Following the ECOWAS protocol on economic integration, the 50/50 group was part of a sub regional conference held in Dakar- Senegal on enhancing Women’s Political Participation in democratic Governance.
  • The Organisation Programme Manager was among a delegation of five supported by the West Minister Foundation for Democracy-UK in a four days regional conference for Sierra Leone, Kenya and Uganda held at Hiltons –Nairobi, Kenya.