Biennial General Meeting and Election of New National Executive

The 50/50 group of Sierra Leone, on Saturday the 1st of June, 2013 held its Biannual General Meeting and Election of New Executive for 2013-2015. The 50/50 Group of Sierra Leone, a non-partisan campaign for more women in politics and public life through training and advocacy, has succeeded in placing women’s representation on the political agenda in Sierra Leone.

This very important meeting was attended by the Freetown Membership as well as District and Regional Coordinators, who arrived a day prior to the meeting and were actively involved in preliminary consultations and discussions. The meeting was also attended by representatives from the electronic and print media.

Issues which were addressed at the meeting included:

  • A review of the constitution of the group
  • Identification of strategies for lobbying for expunging of discriminatory clauses in the Sierra Leone constitution that is under review and to ensure that women-friendly, Human Rights Based Consultative Processes and Procedures are adopted and Women Friendly Legal Considerations are included in the revised constitution.
  • Strategies for of intensifying of the campaign for the enactment of the 30% quota for women’s representation bill
  • The completion and moving into our new building –the 50/50 Group’s Headquarters and Women’s Leadership Training Institute at Tower Hill, Freetown.

The highlight of the meeting was the election of a new national executive who will run the affairs of the organization for the next two years. In this regard, the following persons were elected into executive positions for the period 2013-2015


  • President – Dr Aisha Fofana Ibrahim
  • Vice President– Dr Fatou Taqi
  • First Vice-President –Magdalene Gbenda
  • Secretary– Wilhemina Sho-Cole
  • Assistant Secretary– Irene Kargbo
  • Treasurer– Theodora Hamilton
  • Organising Secretary/PRO– Tima Sannah Brewah
  • Ex-Officio – Lena Thompson
  • Legal Adviser–  Adelaide Dworzak