28 July 2018 Workshop with 50/50 Group

My time with the 50/50 Group, who pursue gender equality through training and advocacy, was one of the most inspiring 3 hours of my entire life.

I co-led a workshop with the extraordinary 50/50 President Dr. Fatou Taqi on how to pass the baton of feminism on to the next generation.

My time with the 50/50 Group was one of the most inspiring 3 hours of my entire life.

The group of women, some of their daughters and one man who participated in the workshop were truly inspiring; their work in advocacy, law, politics, defence, development, media and other areas brought exceptional insight into the conversation as we explored some of the harmful mixed-messages of feminism and gender equality.

We discussed the barriers in pursuing gender equality in Sierra Leone and began strategizing on how to unify a feminist message to influence policy makers and wider society. The camaraderie and support of the group, as well as their vision and their work, is an exemplar model of what civil society can do in pursuing gender equality. I, for one, will be following everything that they do and will champion them as much as I can.

By Sabrina White – Professors Without Borders PROWIBO

Workshop schedule: